reportage archeologico

In the virtual tour Grotta del Cavallo tour, the exchange of information with the user is obtained through hot-spot buttons and arrows that allow exploration.

A path through the Portoselvaggio Park takes us to the Grotta location, overlooking the sea.

Some web pages open up inside the virtual tour to deepen its historical and archaeological contents, with some images of the finds found.

The realization of the images took place during an excavation campaign of the archaeologists, therefore with practicability and necessarily limited times.

The aim sought for this virtual tour was to show visitors to the Natural Park of Porto Selvaggio a place with a very important history; the cave has been closed to the public for research and security reasons since 1968, the date on which the excavation began.

The virtual tour of the Grotta del Cavallo assumes a popular value of cultural study on the Ionian territory of Salento.

The images narrate the importance of the testimonies found, and involve the public in the knowledge of the prehistoric Apulian territory

virtual tour grotta del cavallo

Rassegna stampa: Repubblica,Salentourist

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